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Super Sandwiches

Corbin Reynolds and Neil Stalboerger, the co-owners of Stalzy’s Deli, knew they had to do their research when they sat down to create the cornerstones of their delicious deli-sandwich menu—and the process really opened their eyes.

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Fantastic Fish Fry

Calling all comfort food fanatics: you cannot call your visit complete without the experience of a Madison fish fry. And there are so many places to try!

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Meet Neil Stalboerger from Stalzy’s Deli

In May 2010, Stalzy’s Deli opened in the Atwood neighborhood. By October of that year, Madison Magazine named Neil and Corbin, the co-owners, as two of Madison’s best new chefs. Neil is the executive chef at Stalzy’s Deli. He and I share a passion for whole foods, historical research, and our inability to correctly pronounce the name of our favorite magazine.

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‘Stalzy’s Deli, an Old School Delight’

“No matter how you slice it, a delicatessen is all about meat and lots of it:
piled-high corned beef, pastrami, roast beef and turkey sandwiches.
Stalzy’s doesn’t disappoint.”

Madison Magazine

 ‘Madison’s Pro Foodies Pick Their Favorite Spots from 2011’

“Stalzy’s just has a really nice space and impressive, handmade sandwiches. There’s a lot of artistry that goes into what they do.” – Sam Haesemeyer, Head Chef, Brocach

‘Stalzy’s Deli brings a little of New York to Atwood’

“Corned beef and pastrami are really part of my DNA. My mom cooked a corned beef she learned to cook from her mom, in Brooklyn (when Brooklyn was more of a slum than hipster central). And my dad knew his brisket too, though that’s a more complicated story”.
The Isthmus