‘Stalzy’s Deli, an Old School Delight’
“No matter how you slice it, a delicatessen is all about meat and lots of it:
piled-high corned beef, pastrami, roast beef and turkey sandwiches.
Stalzy’s doesn’t disappoint.”
-Madison Magazine

‘Madison’s Pro Foodies Pick Their Favorite Spots from 2011′
“Stalzy’s just has a really nice space and impressive, handmade sandwiches.
There’s a lot of artistry that goes into what they do.” – Sam Haesemeyer, Head Chef, Brocach

‘Stalzy’s Deli brings a little of New York to Atwood’
“Corned beef and pastrami are really part of my DNA. My mom cooked
a corned beef she learned to cook from her mom, in Brooklyn
(when Brooklyn was more of a slum than hipster central).
And my dad knew his brisket too, though that’s a more complicated story”.
-The Isthmus

What can you get for $10 at Stalzy’s Delicatessen?
The New York deli is possible to export, as Canter’s Deli in Los Angeles proved long ago.
Madison isn’t overrun by NYC deli incursions, but the city is not innocent of them either;
both Gotham Bagels and Ella’s Deli nod, in their own ways, to the New York deli. Stalzy’s Deli opened
on Mother’s Day with a bid to buff out Madison’s deli deficiencies, not exactly recreating a mythical
Tom’s Delicatessen —much of its food is not kosher, for example— but rather drawing on that form as inspiration
while pulling from other traditions like Polish cuisine and the American ’50s diner aesthetic.
-A.V. Club